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Adjustable dog collar, 3/4" wide Acrylic webbing. Adjustable style is outfitted with a slide buckle to adjust the collar and a D-ring for ID tags or leash. Acrylic or synthetic Cotton is soft, durable, color fast and lightweight and safe to expose to water and humidity. Will not absorb water which means it is resistance to rot & mildew. 

3/4 inch Dill Pickle Dog Collar

PriceFrom $20.00
Choose Webbing Color
  • Collar $20
    Collar with 4 foot leash $40
    Collar with 5 foot leash $40
    Collar with 6 foot leash $42.50

    4 foot leash $20
    5 foot leash $20
    6 foot leash $22.50

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