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Beltway Merch is a traveling show room of handmade people & pet accessories. You can buy our famous merch at the best festivals & events around Maryland or online here. Specializing in Marylang Flag  

If you don't see what you're looking for, or would like us to work with you on a custom design, feel free to contact us!

Success! Message received :) We usually reply within 24 hours, IF YOU DON"T SEE A REPLY IN 24 HOURS CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!!!! OUR EMAILS GO TO SPAM A LOT :(





Santa Crab
St Michaels!
Chicken Belt
crabs for christmas square
Duck Decoy Dog Collar
Grab a eGift Card
Happy Crab T-shirt
Oyster Dog Collar
Happily Ever After
Fuck Cancer Belt
Periwinkle Crab Chevron Dog Collar
I'm nn Asshole!
Rainbow Bridge Keychain
Maryland Flag Belts
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Maryland Flag Cat Collar
Ravens Maryland Flag Dog Collar
Maryland Flag Keychain