Rainbow Bridge Keychain

Remember your special furry friend who has gone over the Rainbow Bridge by making their collar into a keepsake keychain. We will use your pets collar to create a long lasting memory as a keychain. 


Keychains can be made from Cat & Dog collars. Collars will be cut and made into keychain from the existing materials and specially applied and sewn onto heavy-duty belting material, all by hand in Maryland. Some keychains may be able to use existing heavy-duty belting material, especially if you have Beltway Merch brand Collar.


Wristlet style key chain: approximately 5" long and 1 1/4" wide

Short key fob: approximately 3" long and 1 1/2" wide

Both have nickel plated clamp and 29mm split ring.

  • Cat & Small Dog collars usually can only make 1 keychain.
  • Larger collars depending on the size 3-6 key chains. 
  • Short Fobs need 6 inches of material each
  • Wristlets need 10 inches of material each. 


Webbing Color

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