Remember your special furry friend who has gone over the Rainbow Bridge by making their collar into a keepsake keychain. We will use your pets collar to create a long lasting memory as a keychain. 


Keychains can be made from Cat & Dog collars. Collars will be cut and made into keychain from the existing materials and specially applied and sewn onto heavy-duty belting material, all by hand in Maryland. Some keychains may be able to use existing heavy-duty belting material, especially if you have Beltway Merch brand Collar, others may have the design fabric/ ribbon removed and sewn onto new webbing.


Please note we do not wash/clean collars, please make sure if your collar is dirty to wash it according to the manufacturer's recommendations before you ship it to us. We have the right to return dirty collars. You will be refunded total purchase, less shipping and credit card processing fees if you use PayPal payments.


Wristlet style key chain: approximately 5" long and 1 1/4" wide

Short key fob: approximately 3" long and 1 1/2" wide

Both have nickel plated clamp and 29mm split ring.

Rainbow Bridge Keychain

Webbing Color
    • Cat & Small D